Blog Sex Position of the Month- February

Looking for new sexy positions to try?

If you’re ready to expand your sex life beyond missionary, we’ve got just the position you need to try during your next romp in between the sheets! Here’s a new sexual position you’ll fall in love with and will want to include it in your normal routine:

The Lotus

Like the flower that this sexual position takes its name from, the Lotus can be a very beautiful sexual position for both partners. Many like it because it’s very intimate, allowing both to connect to each other while in bed. However, it does require some strength and flexibility from both partners, but in general, the Lotus is fairly easy to master.

28b87a718e1a76039b3e802de0649595This position can easily be one of the first you start off with. To get into this position, have your partner sit down on the bed or floor and have him cross his legs close in front of him as if he was doing a traditional yoga pose. When he’s in the right position, you lower yourself down on his crotch and face him. Hold him tightly by wrapping your arms around him and then put your legs around his back while you pull yourself into his body. Once you’re all set, he can then place his arms around you and hug you tight.

There’s not much else you two need to do and you might actually find it difficult to thrust. Instead, you’ll need to just grind on your partner and rock with it. It’s sort of like dry humping, but with a lot more pleasure! However, this position is more than just physical pleasure, which is why many couples practice it to enhance their intimacy. You’ll both looking into each other’s eyes since you’re facing one another and hugging each other tight, allowing for you to get close. You can also use your hands to massage and rub your partner’s back and it’s great for kissing as you have sex! You’ll be able to kiss their lips, neck, cheeks, ears and any other part of their body you can reach. For deeper penetration, you can grab his shoulders and neck and pull into him as much as you can. And for more pleasure, pull yourself up and down while grinding and rocking on him. It’s really best for slow sex and not for nights where you really want some hardcore action!

And guys, make sure that your partner doesn’t sit or lean on your ankles that are crossed, which can cause pain. If you don’t want to sit with your legs crossed, you can instead put them straight out or to the side (even though it’s not really the true Lotus position). Ladies, to have him hit your G-spot, lean a bit backwards so that he can hit your G-spot to make you climax harder than ever before!

If you really want to have some fun in Lotus, you can use a Couple’s Vibrating Ring, which is a couple’s sex toy for enhanced pleasure. It’s the first waterproof and rechargeable couple’s ring that features powerful vibrations and improved performance over other sex toys for couples. You place it at the base of the penis and it will stimulate both partners! IT can fit a shaft that is 1” to 2” in diameter and has a battery life of about 2 hours when completely charged. It can be used with Lotus position and a wide range of other favorites!