Blog Q&A: Trouble Orgasming and Purpose of Clitoral Hood


I am a 21-year-old female. I have never had an orgasm and it's frustrating to me when I hear of the great pleasure it provides. Well, this weekend while talking to one of my male friends about the problem, he said it's possible that I have a "hood" over my clitoris. He says this "hood" is like some skin covering the clitoris and therefore makes it difficult for the clitoris to receive direct stimulation. Could this be true? And, if so, how do I know that I have this? When I look at myself I look normal since I don't have another female to compare myself to. Help!


Yikes! I think your friend completely misunderstood something. I absolutely guarantee that you do have a hood over your clitoris. Every woman does. It helps protect the clitoris. It is supposed to be there! In fact, until a woman is very aroused, direct touching of the clitoris can be quite painful. Until that point, the hood will slide back and forth over the clitoris actually increasing sensation. So not only should you not worry about this, the hood makes it MORE likely that you will have an orgasm.

I wouldn't despair, however. As I have told many other women, you are probably able to have an orgasm. The main reasons that women have difficulties with achieving orgasm are linked to not knowing their anatomy and/or psychological interference (e.g., anxiety). It may be a good idea for you to look at a sexual anatomy book to get a better understanding of how the clitoris and clitoral hood appear. And, now that you know that the clitoral hood can actually help you with experiencing an orgasm, you may want to explore whether or not you feel anxious or are worried about it not happening. Making efforts to relax during sexual arousal can actually help you reach orgasm. Good luck to you.