Blog Play, Practice...Perfection!

Sex toys (and any product designed to enhance intimate interactions) are an important part of personal wellness. You see, everything in life comes with a learning curve, and getting off is no exception (whether its getting yourself off *or* getting someone else off). Orgasming, like so many other things in life, is easier when it's practiced – when the learning curve has been conquered. It's a shame, really, that so many otherwise self aware adults don't know all the marvelously diverse ways that they can get off. Perhaps its routine, perhaps its just not knowing what to try...

Some folks – the lucky among us – know intuitively what they like – sex comes easy. For the rest of us, practice and homework is needed. It makes perfect sense to take hold of your training and acquire some tools for exploring what makes you tick – and this is where sex toys come in. Vibrations overcome challenges faced by tired wrists and cramping fingers; insertable shapes provide ergonomic solutions to angles no fingers could ever hit. What's the harm in trying out a few harmless toys made to help you feel good? Toys is a perfect description – sex should be fun playtime, even just sex for one – practice happening in the process.

Of course, the real fun begins when you bring out sex toys to share with a partner. Challenges brought on by nerves or real life distractions are so easily overcome when favorite playtime toys can be wielded by a partner, with a partner, or for a partner. Everyone has nerves from time to time – how great to have an ace up your sleeve. Nothing makes a relationship feel stronger than sharing orgasms, but for one reason or another that can sometimes be stressful. So go ahead – use lube to keep things slippery; use a vibrator to help along hard working fingers; use a cock ring to keep him playing for longer. After all, playtime for adults should be all about fun and feeling good – and showing off those practiced pleasure skills!