Blog Halloween: An Excuse for Exploring Your Fantasies

October has finally blowing in after a long hot summer, bringing that thrilling snap in air and the welcome presence of ghoulies and ghosties and long-legged beasties and things that go bump in the night – and we don’t mean your neighbors in the next apartment doin’ it. We mean Halloween.

Nurse Costume

The best holiday adults ever stole from kids is on its way and with it comes total legitimacy in grown-up dress-up. For the otherwise theatrically impaired putting on a costume can make it surprisingly easy to take on a different persona – to be someone more exotic (a belly dancer?), aggressive (a pirate?), outrageous (Lady Gaga?) touchy-feely (a hands-on nurse?), feminine (Marilyn Monroe?), suave (Count Dracula?) or totally alien (Avatar?) and companies like Fever Lingerie like Leg Avenue provide the whole set-up for adults to let our their inner burlesque dancer, cowgirl or French maid and let in the possibility of fulfilling a sexual fantasy. We also carry some naughtier costumes for when you decide that your role playing doesn't need to leave the house.

If your partner has always hinted he wished he knew you when you were a cheerleader or teased that she loves it when you lay down the law you can use Halloween to bring out the costume pom-poms or the cop outfit (with handcuffs) and let your ensemble take you where you might normally be a little shy to go. Everybody loves being told “You are so sexy when you dress up….” (as Jack Sparrow? As Jessica Rabbit? In your uniform?) and the confidence and energy that one little compliment can instill can make for very real fun in fantasy land. A few extra tips:

  •  If you’re not much of an actor let the costume –and your partner –take the lead. If you’re dressed as a sexy gypsy you can start with reading his palm…and telling him what you see in his future that night…or tell him you read by taste and trace your tongue up across his palm. You probably won’t have to say very much else.
  • Pick up tips from erotic novels or films to get you started. They don’t have to even be erotic…with the right expression on your face and aggression in your stance the phrase “Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me,” could go a long way.
  • Let technology help you break the ice by sending a photo of yourself in the outfit – or maybe your legs just in the shoes or stockings or your cleavage in just the corset – via phone before the evening you’ve planned. Their imagination will be your greatest asset. Your work here is done.
  • A double bonus is buying two costumes – and saving one for when he or she doesn’t expect it. The sexy schoolgirl or Zorro showing up in December is a playful, seductive surprise – there’s no bad time of year to be bewitched or try on a new wig.

Sexual fantasy mixes tricks and treats, so let your costume be your guide and you’ll have a bigger grin – and a more luminous glow - than any Jack-o-Lantern on the block.