Blog Convinced Your Partner is Cheating? DNA Test Proof

If  you suspect your partner is cheating there is a thoroughly modern way of finding out. The Huffington Post reported recently on The Paternity Lab Center which can do DNA testing on an article of your partner’s clothing - preferably underwear - and tell you if they discover semen or female DNA on the item for $200. For another $215  they will compare the DNA to yours, leaving no room for deniability, i.e. “Well, honest that must be your DNA on my Joe Boxers!”

“There’s no disputing it. You have to accept it for what it is,” Kip Charles, specialist at the Paternity Lab Center told MyPleasure. “Some people need that closure to find themselves,” especially if they’ve been lied to by a partner….or have been lying to themselves about a partner’s behavior.

“You kind of get lost in the whole lie and when they get that piece of truth (the DNA evidence) it helps them to find their footing and make a decision.”

Not to mention the fact that hard science, so to speak, might help them in a divorce case.

Charles is aware that some people find DNA testing “creepy” but he has a lot of empathy for those whose worries bring them that far.

Being cheated on, he says “ destroys your whole psyche. You can’t eat, you can’t sleep. I’ve watched people deteriorate heath-wise because they don’t know how to deal with it.” Some people need that evidence “to be able to break clean…” Some, he says, have cheating partners who turn the tables in the foulest way, saying “It’s all in your head! You're destroying our marriage because of your imagination.”

“Some people need evidence to be strong enough to say “I’m done.”

Most of Paternity Lab Center’s business is exactly that - paternity testing. Charles says that in 30% of the “Am I the father?” queries the lab gets end up with the answer being “No” - not news he’s keen to pass on. He also sometimes gets calls from parents checking on whether or not their kids are having sex. “Not a lot,” he says. “If more parents knew this test was available to them they would probably do it,” as they have with drug testing.

“Not being safe is their worst nightmare,” Charles says. If the kids in question are having safe sex the test is going to come back negative, in which case most parents never address it. Hearing about 13 year-old girls coming in in need of paternity tests makes that “worst nightmare” scenario come to vivid life.

As far as the infidelity testing “hamper diving” for a partner’s panties may seem outlandish and invasive but the issues go way deeper than the bottom of the hamper: trust, baggage, certainty, closure or reconciliation. “She blinded me with science,” is a famous lyric, but really, what science does - not always pleasantly, but truthfully - is help us open our eyes.

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