Blog Being Thankful for Sex

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and I see everyone posting something they are thankful for everyday on their Facebook pages. It is true that even in these tough times people can have a lot to be thankful for. But I can’t help but wonder, why is no one posting how thankful they are for sex?

Sometimes it seems those that are having it take it for granted and those who are going through a dry spell would give anything just to touch the hem of its garment.  You don’t know what you got til it’s gone I guess.

What the world needs is a Be Thankful for Sexuality Campaign. Here are some reasons that we should all be thankful that sexuality and sex exist in the world:

  • Sex can feel really good.
  • Sexual expression when not forced or manipulated can be a wonderful way to connect with someone.
  • For those who desire children, sex is the way you get them.
  • For those that don’t desire children, birth control and contraception exist. Which still allows people to have sex.
  • Sex toys exist and are available. Enough said.
  • Sex relieves stress, whether you are doing it alone or with someone.
  • Sex has many health benefits including lowering blood pressure and giving a general feeling of well being.
  • Being thankful for our sexuality can go a long way to help us feel good when others try to make us feel bad for the same thing.

These are just a few reasons to be thankful. What are yours?  During this season of Thanksgiving, let us hear from you about what you are most thankful for when it comes to sex and sexuality.