Blog ANew Year, A New You

Pull out your New Year’s resolutions (take your time, I will wait) Does it include being skinnier, richer or the one that ends up on my list every year, learn a new language. But is there anything on your list that says that you are to be sexier this year?   If the answer is no, you need to keep reading.

Why not? Why not make this the year you make your sex life a priority. Here are a few sexual resolutions that can help improve your life in and out of the bedroom.

Learn About Your  Body.  If you want to have better sex, you must learn your body.  Study human anatomy and learn what each erogenous zone does.  The best part is then having some fun by putting that knowledge to good use.

Talk to Your Doctor. If you believe there is a medical issue that could be affecting your sex life, make an appointment to talk to your doctor right away.  Talk to your doctor about what is going on with your body and get the help and the support that you and your sex life deserves.

More Sex.  I know,  it is easier than it sounds.  Instead of spending mindless hours watching TV with your partner,  become a little more playful.  Start laughing and kissing each other.  Just that little bit will start to turn on the both of you.   Remember sex is great cardio so you do get to work on that more exercise resolution.

Also, make sex a habit.  Become intimate with your partner every night during the month of January.   If you make it part of your routine,  you will form a habit that you will never want to break.

Think Sexy: Be Sexy. Ever you ever had an important presentation to give at work?  You visualize about what are you going to say, what you are going to wear. You focus on the presentation. Why should sex be any different?

Visualize of an intimate night in your mind. Think about the lighting, the music, the toys. Imagine what you are going to wear.  Buy some new lingerie that makes you feel good about the way you look. Then, set the stage. Early in the day, write your lover a little note saying what you want to do in a much detail as you are comfortable with.

As far as the execution goes, well, that’s up to you.

Try Something New. One of the keys to ending a rut — sexual or personal — is to try something new. Bringing in toys in the bedroom can help.  You can also play games to help you discover talents you didn’t know you had. Stepping out of your box can boost your confidence and that confidence will make you feel sexier.

Now is the time to stop making excuses and sex that sex life ramped up for 2017.    If what I have said didn't get you to add a better sex life to your resolution, remember sex is a fun way to burn calories.  So technically you could be taking care of two resolutions in one.  To me, that sounds the ultimate resolution.

Here's to a sexy year!