Blog 11 Uses for Silicone Lube

Silicone lube is a miracle, a marvel, a multi-purpose liquid with dozens of uses. MyPleasure sells a variety of brands, and they all have some amazing off-label uses – so today, I’m going to school you on how to get more out of that little bottle of slick stuff than you’d have ever guessed!

  1. Anti-chafing lotion. A little bit on the inner thighs, underarms, or wherever you get a bit of skin-on-skin chafing will make it disappear – and keep it from coming back!
  2. Hair product. Dimethicone, the silicone that’s used in lubes, is a key ingredient in many of the anti-frizz and high shine products on the market (which, by and large, cost many times more per ounce). Skip the salon – put a dab of silicone on your palms, and then run your hands over your hair!
  3. Shaving liquid. Some of the highest end shaving creams and liquids are silicone-based; it helps your skin retain moisture by protecting it during the shaving process. A bit of lube rubbed over your skin before shaving lets you skip the soap-based detergents, and even helps your razor to glide over your skin without tugging at the follicles and aggravating razor bumps and burns. (You can also put a little on the razor blade after drying it off to help it stay sharp)
  4. Skin moisturizer. My favorite hand cream – the pricey one I rely on in the winter to keep my skin from drying and cracking – has dimethicone in it, as well. Using just a tiny amount of lube on my hands helps to keep my skin looking and feeling healthy, and keeps it from being dry and itchy. And if you have ashy skin on your legs or arms, a quick rub down with a bit of silicone lube can make your skin glow again.
  5.  Lubricant. Yes, like WD-40. It can help hinges move more easily, and make sure that your locks work smoothly. No joking here, folks.
  6. Adhesive remover. A little dab of silicone lube on the adhesive that gets left behind from price tags, tape, and other sticky stuff can help remove the residue from any non-porous surface -  and it doesn’t make your holiday gifts smell like peanut butter (my previous fool-proof sticky stuff remover).
  7. Latex polish. Whether it’s your $800 House of Whacks fetishy latex dress, or a $40 strap on harness, latex always looks better with a bit of a shine – and nothing shines latex like silicone lube. You can also put it on your skin before shimmying into your outfit; it’ll keep it from sticking to your skin and potentially ripping.
  8. Tampons. As many people who have used them know, sometimes they’re difficult to insert. A tiny, tiny bit of silicone lube can help ease them into place and keep them there comfortably.
  9. Crayon mark removal. Silicone lube on a clean cloth can help rid crayon marks from your walls, though please only use it on latex or gloss paint surfaces.
  10. Gum removal – notoriously funny blogger and mom AAG swears by silicone lube to help remove chewing gum from hair – and avoids having to get creative with your kids’ haircuts to handle it!
  11. Sexual lubricant, obviously. Silicone slicks up your sexual acts without allergens or irritating agents; most people find silicone perfect to use on their parts as well as their toys (as long as their toys aren’t silicone based, too). As a bonus, silicone lube helps to avoid chafing or friction abrasions, making sex more comfortable both during and after the fact.