Baby, It's Cold Outside: Sexy Ways to Keep Warm in Winter

Baby, It's Cold Outside ... But It Doesn't Have to Be!

Winter appears to have arrived, and along with it, parties, holidays, shopping, and relatives. Yes, I hear the groans, but here at MyPleasure, we actually enjoy the briskness outside because it means we have even more excuses to get closer to the ones we love. Or just like. We're kinda easy.

I know not everyone lives in a chilly climate. There are still so many ways to warm up winter--inside and out--and we wouldn't be us if we didn't share them with you! Join me on this geographical tour of the top 15 ways to heat things up this holiday season ... MyPleasure style.

Cold or Snow Areas
Sleigh rides and cocoa parties and building snow sculptures are all great ways to pass the long months of winter; however, if you really want to steam things up, take a look at some of our not-so-wholesome ideas:

  • Fireplace Lovin' - If you don't have one, this is a great excuse to get away for a weekend! Spread out thick blankets and pillows to make a real love nest, and make sure you have everything you need close by (lube, condoms, libations, etc.) so no one has to leave the cocoon.
  • Tub Play - Hot tubs are great, but a regular bathtub can be fun if it's big enough for both of you! Light candles and have a variety of erotic bath products handy to spice up your tub time.
  • Ski Lift Hanky-Panky - A little over-the-clothes action, easily hidden from others by coats and scarves, is just enough to get your partner thinking about what can happen later.
  • Snowmobile Foreplay - Trust us, the vibration from these things is just enough to nicely buzz you both into a state of arousal. Better yet, share one and add to the vibration by massaging your sweetie's inner thighs, but only if you're the passenger!
  • Sensual Massage Mischief - True, this can be done in any climate, but using warming oils feels especially good when temps are frigid. Most are also flavored, so you can really get things heated by rubbing, then licking sensitive areas. Guaranteed to get you both worked up!

Hot-and-Steamy Places

Sultry weather can be a boon over the holidays, as you're not limited to the indoor realm for fear of getting frostbite on the naughty bits. However, there are still decency laws, and we urge you to keep them in mind--no one's going to have extra money for bail during this festive time of year.

  • Choosing a Tree Tryst - You're really running around gathering any natural bits and pieces to decorate your home for the season, aren't you? You have the advantage of much more comfortable temps for outdoor romps, plus, less clothing to get in the way!
  • Holiday Movie Marathon Making Out - You know you've seen them all a million times, so why not put the time to better use with some sensual smooching?
  • Erotic Horse and Carriage Ride - Most areas have their own version of the sleigh ride, so take advantage! Some discreet feeling up of your partner, intensely knowing looks, and a well-placed (and discreet) vibe are all you'll need to make the trip unforgettable … and make getting home quickly a priority!
  • Holiday-Themed Striptease - Pick a holiday character/figure to dress up as, then delight your partner with a sexy, slow disrobing. We strongly suggest that you think of the children and not do this while they're in the house, however; the therapy bills would be staggering.
  • Shower Seduction - Nothing feels better after a day by the pool (or in and out of overheated stores) than a cool shower. Make it even more fun by taking your mate with you and incorporating waterproof toys into your play.

Erotic Everywhere in Between

And finally, for everyone else in the country, we offer a few more ideas for getting in the holiday spirit, so to speak, and really making the most of Old Man Winter--or whatever you happen to call your significant other.

  • Kinky Caroling - Go caroling while one of you wears remote controlled, vibrating panties.
  • Kitchen Busy Bodies - Baking holiday treats? Make it sexier with a little kitchen nooky--and get creative with frosting and sprinkles. Though do try to stay away from the actual foodstuff, because while butt prints are festive, they're not so hygienic.
  • Singularly Satisfying Shopping - Tired of shopping? We're pretty sure you'll recharge if you shop together for erotic gifts (toys, lingerie, fantasy gear) for each other... and don't wait to open them!
  • Holiday Booty - Do some creative gift wrapping with leftover paper and ribbons, then offer yourself to your lover as a special present.
  • Sexy Santa List - Make a naughty and nice list about your partner. That is, naughty things you know they like to do in bed, and things that would be nice to do but maybe you haven't tried. Swap lists and start the negotiations!

Of course, feel free to add your own imaginative ideas or put a spin on any of the above--the point is to be creative and have fun with your erotic playmate. It's hard to have the winter doldrums when you're shagging like bunnies.

With Pleasure,


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