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Play Pen Edible Body Paint  HTP2162
Now you can make "Intimate Play Time" really come alive with these great tasting Multi Fruit Flavored Body Paints! Get creative as you dare when you write your inner desires "Down There" on your lover's favorite Body Parts! Come in 4 assorted Fruit flavors : Strawberry, Cherry, Green Apple & Blue Raspberry!
Edible Body Painting - Aphrodisiac Chocolate  SHU7000
Combine adult play with romance. Use this aphrodisiac edible body paint to write love poems, draw hearts, flowers, and reveal your artistic side. It's insanely delicious.
Edible Body Painting - Vanilla And Chocolate Tempation SHU7001
Set your artistic side free. Paint of love story on your partners body using this sensual body paint. Its insanely aphrodisiac... can also be used for skin care and as a face mask. It's insanely delicious.
Edible Body Play Paints Kit HTP2717
Take Intimate play time to new Erotic Heights with Edible Body Paints. Write your most inner desire on your partners body and explore intimate fun in a sexy new way. 4 assorted delicious flavors.
Dona Kissable Body Paint  - Chocolate Mousse - 2 Oz.  JO40571
Create an erotic masterpiece with Dona Kissable Body Paint. Let the tempting blend of aphrodisiacs and pheromones and luscious chocolate mousse flavor inspire your passion.
Dona Kissable Body Paint  - Strawberry Souffle - 2 Oz.  JO40573
Create an erotic masterpiece with Dona Kissable Body Paint. Let the tempting blend of aphrodisiacs and pheromones and luscious strawberry souffle flavor inspire your passion.
Sex And Strawberry - 1 oz. BC-SEXS
Dip into our soft creamy and delicious flavored body confection. Create a night of intimate romance and sexual pleasure by turning your body into an irresistibly delectable treat. This tempting erotic confection has a rich buttery texture and a deliciously sweet flavor. Perfect for couples.
Hot Spot Body Paint Game TS1034467
IHot Spot Body Paint Game are Lickable Body Paints. Each kit includes one spinner, a Paint Brush and three body paints. Using all three colors each lover takes a turns painting spots all over the other persons naked body.Hot Spot Body Paint Game
Chocolate Tease OZ-BG-11
Take turns with your partner picking a card and reading it out loud then performing the challenge. When someone successfully completes a challenge they keep the card and it becomes a point. Game includes 30 chocolate tease cards, 2 paint brushes and a chocolate jar.
Dona Body Topping -  Maple Sugar - 2 Oz.  JO40587
Delight your lover with Dona Kissable body topping. Let the sweet blend of aphrodisiacs and pheromones and maple sugar flavor tempt your appetite for each other.